Frameless Shower Screens


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The search for frameless shower screens will provide one with a myriad of beautiful products to select from. Originating in Europe, frameless shower panels are both attractive and safe. They also make it much easier to keep a bathroom spotless - their design lends them to be easily maintained.

Frameless shower screens can be installed as a unit with the bathtub or  seperately as a shower unit. We can design all your frameless needs internally & externally with our team ready to measure, manufacture & install.

If you're planning to design a very modern looking bathroom or undertaking in a remodeling project then frameless shower panels are something you will want to consider. These sheer elegant screens can become the focal point of a truly well-designed bathroom.

Frameless shower screens installed in most houses and units today are well-constructed due to them having to pass rigid safety conditions in order to be sold in Australia. All our products come from fully accredited Australian companies.

To incorporate frameless shower panels into your bathroom design, you should start with a clean sheet of paper and place your shower unit as the first step in your design. Let the rest of the bathroom grow around the shower unit with its beautiful frameless shower panels .

You can tie the design together with bathroom accessories that we also have to offer.. These finishing touches will make the package complete in your new bathroom with its frameless shower screen.

Our toughened glass is an A grade safety glass that satisfies Australian Standards.

All of our Frameless shower screens come with a Lifetime guarantee.






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